Selling Cheese on the Internet

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Cratloe Hills Sheep Cheese

Ever since I heard the Rubberbandits song “Dads Best Friend” I had wanted to set up an online cheese store. An opportunity arose when a friend of mine, whose family owns a sheeps cheese production facility in my native Cratloe, Co. Clare approached me to revamp their website. The project provided me with an opportunity to improve my front end skills and also implement a Stripe powered e-store. After looking around I decided to implement the store using Snipcart, a ecommerce provider that provides a AJAX enabled secure shopping cart.

I was particularly interested in the security aspects of Snipcart. On the final stages of shopping cart confirmation, for each item in the basket, the Snipcart server sends a request with the product id to an end point that must be registered at the same domain as the basket is situated, in this case This endpoint must independently return the same price that the basket is showing for that product id. This prevents browser DOM manipulation by a malicious user.

Snipcart also allows the integration of shipping — custom and standard platform provided (FedEx, UPS etc.). Snipcart provides a nice little dashboard on which you can see quick statistics of your sales, as well as providing an automatic order confirmed email system.

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